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2009 Preparation Sheet: Initial Thoughts Spider Diagram

Below is a spider diagram based on the 2009 preparation sheet. The first step in your revision is to complete the diagram in as much detail as possible. Where you find any gaps, is where you need to definately revise in much more detail to fill the gaps in your knowledge. Everything on the diagram is vitally important to be ncluded in your revision plan!

TASK On paper, copy the basic spider diagram given below. Add as much detail as you can. Think back to your coursework and Year 10 projects to help!

Check your fininshed diagram against a completed one by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Don't cheat and look before completing your own diagram... You will only be cheating yourself out of vital revision marks!

Once you have completed your spider diagram, click the thumbnail image above to view a completed diagram to check yours against.

Did you get all the points?