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Inner Trays

These come manufactured from both plastic and board and there is one on your preparation sheet.

They are used to hold multiple (lots of) things securely inside a  packaging's outer box, eg a children’s party pack.


The Pros & Cons of different types of trays


· These are manufactured from CORRUGATED CARDBOARD

 They are delivered to the customer in FLAT PACK: reducing transport costs and saving space when being stored before use.


· The box shown is to hold a party bumper pack of 50 party poppers& streamers.

 It needs an inner tray which can slide in and out of it, holding its contents in place, which you must draw the NET for below

 You must show how the inner tray will separate the party poppers and streamers, with a partition.

 The tray must contain no glue and be delivered to the party popper manufacturer flat pack as they have little space to store them.